I think it goes without saying that most people are sick of the song “Royals” by Lorde.  She lost me after the SNL performance where she danced like a gypsy.  Is it a rule that you need to be a freak when you have a good voice?  This tune is beyond overplayed on the radio.   However, this cover is “beast.”   Did you see what I did right there?  I tried to relate to the younger generation.   I was cool beans.  Now, let me slip back into my Keds and explain.  “Beast” is how kids describe something gnarly.

Cam Anthony, who is just 12-years-old,  is destined for stardom if  his Mom will a.)  hold the damn phone horizontally when recording  b.) make the other kid in the background shut the hell up so we can hear Cam sing.   Just think, someday this kid can call Anne Frank a fan, speed through his neighborhood and take a piss in a restaurant garbage can.   Ah, the American dream.   Anyway, Cam has got some pipes.  Go on with your bad self little man.



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