Sick Day

I would like to apologize to my two fans (Mom + Dad) for not writing a blog post earlier. I am sick. So, I slept most of the day. Did you laugh out loud too? There is no way in hell that would ever happen. I have three kids. So, I got up at 7 a.m. My 5-year-old skipped into my room like he was on the yellow brick road. Yesterday, when he had to wake up for school, he screamed and threw his toy at the wall. Go figure.

My husband was at work. Yes, on a Saturday. My daughter wanted breakfast. My boys said they were not hungry, that is, until I sat down. Then, they ordered a different item off the menu. I took the dog out, had a tea party, read books and did a load of laundry. My day was far from over. I promised my 5-year-old we would see the “How to Train Your Dragon Live Show” today. There is no better medicine for a head cold than loud music, a smoke machine and animatronic dragons. I must admit, it was an impressive production. I mean, really incredible. My son was grinning ear to ear each time one of these massive creatures came out (and that warms my cold heart):



We sat near an enthusiastic couple without children. They didn’t have to be there. They wanted to. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The woman, who appeared to be in her late twenties, applauded with more enthusiasm than Bill Clinton at College Freshman Orientation. She tried to lead a standing ovation, but to no avail. Please allow me to explain why. For 30 minutes leading up to the show parents heard “When does it start?” 5 million times. We got up a half dozen times for bathroom breaks and snacks. Then, for the last 15 minutes those same children whined repeatedly, “Is it almost over?” So, unless the dragons set the building on fire we were not getting out of our seats. Sit down girlfriend. Besides, you are young, in love and on a date to see a Dreamworks movie come to life? Sign the divorce papers now.

Let’s not forget I was sick this entire time. I still had to go home make dinner and give my children baths before I could actually rest. Moms don’t get sick days. (and yeah, I am whining.)

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