I have tried everything, but cannot get rid of Spammers.  They are such a tease.  I get at least 50 emails a day indicating there has been a comment on a blog post.  I get excited for a nanosecond believing someone, somewhere enjoyed my writing.  Then, it becomes clear that these people are just using me.  They also failed English 101.   I still like to respond.    

zzqjjc@gmail.com  writes:  “I do not even know how I ended up here, but your writing is most fantastic.”

Is that really you Zzqjjc?  I don’t know how I ended up here either.  I quit my real job for this.


celage10@hotmail.com  writes: “Really nice blog, very informative. thanks dude for wonderful posting.”

I am called a lot of things Celage, but dude is not one of them.


celsoares04@hotmail.com  writes (regarding my post on Skinny Jeans): “thank you. i found this topic very interesting if you have more to teach us about this subject please post.”

You are welcome Celsoares!  I am just trying to make a difference in this world. 


w.ghepriebruc@web.de  writes:  “buy and sell phil Because of the island. Before he left, MacArthur assured Quezon all the posts yourself. Bigger vehicles don’t edge, they simply move over – anything in their homes which they feel are wrong

Look here w.ghepriebruc,  like I told you before Phil isn’t for sale and bigger vehicles do indeed edge.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.  


  • Dana

    I get those as well…thankfully saved as spam. my favorite was a guy who said “i told my wife she couldn’t blog because then she wouldn’t get dinner on the table and take care of my errands.” um…that’s cool, glad I am not married to you 🙂

  • G T Conboy

    Hi Cynical Mom. I’m real, as you know, and not domiciled in Russia or the Baltics of the Philippines. But that aside, I have a serious question. Business models interest me (stop it, a guy’s got to have a hobby) and seeing your post made me wonder what the spammers are after. Is there a way they can earn from this activity? Infect you with a virus? Something I hadn’t thought of? I am trying to understand why they would send obviously machine-generated emails.

    BTW, I do think that most of what you right is interesting and well-written.


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