Suck it Bloomberg

Has Mayor Bloomberg lost his mind? First, the Big Gulp and now infant formula? What will he try to take away next? Air? Listen, I get what Bloomberg is trying to do. We drink too much soda. However, this is the Americas. If I have to pay a small fortune in taxes then I will throw back a Mountain Dew whenever I damn please. Of course, I usually wait until after the tractor pull.

Now, he wants to force women to breast feed? Just because it is good for the baby doesn’t mean it’s always possible. Sometimes the baby won’t latch on. (Men everywhere are furrowing their brows. Impossible!) Some moms don’t produce enough milk. In other instances, the new mom is a crack head and formula is healthier. We are all individuals.

My hospital didn’t lock up the formula, but I wanted to tackle the lactation consultant. (I may have if I could’ve walked after delivery) She chastised me for “quitting.” I wanted to be the perfect mother, but it wasn’t happening. My newborn didn’t want it. Plus, I was dealing with serious postpartum depression. Formula? Drop the baby? Formula? Drop the baby? It was a tough decision, but I opted not to be a feature story on 20/20. So, I popped some pills, fed my baby Enfamil and lived happily ever after. Yes, this is happy.

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  • D.E. Olcott

    “Men everywhere are furrowing their brows” … hysterical! And don’t even get this mom of an adopted baby started! Funny stuff, Cynical Mom!

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