Spicy Meal

What did you have for dinner? I ate the “black things” out of my daughter’s spaghetti. What are the black things? I have no idea because my last name isn’t Ragu. It looks like a spice of some sort. My spice collection includes salt, pepper and garlic. It wasn’t any of those three. The tiny specs weren’t much bigger than the tip of a pen. I stopped counting at 40. Can you believe I was still hungry?

“You should have just made her eat it,” said a person without children. The list of things she will eat is shrinking daily. I don’t want spaghetti to get a thumbs down too. She cannot live on potato chips and cookies. Well, she could if I want to be a guest on The Maury Povich Show. Next time I will make a bland sauce which isn’t hard for me to do.

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