Step 1

I should have chosen a career writing instructions. I am constantly giving them. My husband needs a manual just to find the correct shirt in a drawer. (1.) Walk upstairs (2.) Take a right (3.) Go into our daughters room (4.) Open the door to the small closet (5.)Open the top drawer of dresser (6.) Look on the right hand side (7.) there is a pile of shirts (8.) you will see a purple short sleeved shirt with two flowers near shoulder (9.) not the shirt without flowers (10.) not the blue one (11.) take the shirt out of the dresser. (12.) put it on our daughter

If I try to simplify instructions I hear “Where? I don’t see it.” Or he just grabs whatever he can find. For example, at our son’s soccer practice I sent him to the car to get a ball for my daughter to play with. I told him it was in the back of our SUV. Yes, I drive a gas guzzler. I can’t fit three kids in a mini coupe. If I could I would be in the circus. Well, before I know it my husband comes strolling back to the field holding a… WAIT FOR IT…. straw hat! Yep. He couldn’t find the ball, but he found a straw hat. (My daughter wore it for a
Memorial Day parade) Is she going to throw the straw hat in the air? Kick the straw hat? I was without words. I actually didn’t have to say a thing. I gave the glare, he turned around and marched back to the car. Well, after I gave him more specific directions.

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