The latest exercise attire

So, I want to go for a run, but what to wear, what to wear? This guy couldn’t waste time making a decision. So, he decided to speed walk in this snazzy number. He is making parents out to be liars. I tell my 5-year-old all the time that he cannot leave the house without a shirt. Wrong-o! Clearly, this gentleman follows Kenny Chesney’s rule: “No Shirt, No Problem.” The song says nothing about pants. I can only assume he doesn’t have any real friends. They would never have allowed him to leave the house. Then again, when my husband and I were dating I wasn’t always honest. He had an old pea coat in his closet. I thought if I changed the gold buttons it would look nice. We were walking through a mall when I caught a good glimpse of him in a mirror. I nearly peed my pants. He looked like Captain from Captain and Tennille. I do appreciate this guy spared us from seeing his ankles. That would have been scandalous.



  • Jenny Parten

    That is horrible!!! Why would he subject people to that sight… It’s not like he is hot and is performing a community service for all the housewives… He is instead scaring the women and children, and setting a bad example or other not-so-hot guys to follow. No shirt only applies to guys who look good without a shirt… And not sure what to think of the speedo underwear… I mean, come on… People don’t wanna see his junk lol …. But you’re right, at least his feet and ankles are modestly covered

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