The Parent Trap

The next time my children say I am embarrassing I am going to play this video.   We wonder why Lindsey Lohan is a hot mess.  Her mom is a train wreck.  Her father is no better.   It is sad that the cute little redhead ended up with more mug shots than quality films.  Perhaps her parents’ greed and selfishness is to blame.  In order to be a parent you have to put your children’s needs first.  Lindsey didn’t need a manager or a friend.  She needed a mother.

At one point during this interview Dina Lohan tries to fist pump Dr. Phil.  It is the equivalent of trying to do a raspberry on the Queen of England’s stomach.  Remember when Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley kissed at the VMA’s?  Yeah, it is more awkward than that.  


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