Cable guy

Dear Cable Guy,

I would like to apologize for going all ‘Alec Baldwin’ on you this morning. I know it’s not your fault the on-demand feature wasn’t working on my cable box. Of course this wasn’t a conspiracy by the cable company to drive me insane. Did I actually say that? You have to understand, I didn’t get much sleep last night and haven’t had a cup of coffee yet. My 2-year-old daughter was crying hysterically to watch Caillou. Each time I tried to play an episode we got an error message. She would scream like Marlon Brando, “Caillooooouuuuuuu!” It was giving me a headache. I wasn’t crying.  Really, I have, uh, um, a runny nose.   Well, maybe it’s PMS.  Whatever.  No, I am not really going to throw this cable box out the window. Can’t you take a joke? Thank you for fixing the problem. 


Cynical Mother




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