The Power of Christ Compels You

My son is finally starting to feel better. The past 24 hours has been hell for everyone. He had his tonsils removed, adenoids out and tubes inserted in his ears. It was buy one get one free. So, I figured what the hell! Of course that is not true. That deal only applies to food you will never be able to consume before it rots.

I thought he would be sore after the surgery, but figured his pain would subside with ice cream. Ice cream always made me feel better after high school dances. Now, I don’t need it. Knowing the guys that didn’t want to dance with me are fat and bald is comforting.

I didn’t expect my baby to turn into Rowdy Rowdy Piper. Soon after the procedure a flustered nurse brought me to the post-op room. “Is he crying,” I asked. “Well, all kids cry.” I took that to mean he was taking it one step further. He looked so innocent and helpless. His face was swollen and big crocodile tears streamed down his cheeks. I leaned over to kiss his forehead and got a swift punch in the gut! It hurt.

My husband assured me it was just the anesthesia. Then, my son started to scream like he needed an exorcist. His head didn’t spin, but I expected it to at any minute. “We need to get him to eat ice chips,” the nurse demanded. The kid went to sleep and woke up missing body parts surrounded by strange women with cartoon characters on their clothing. The last thing he wanted was to chew on ice. I anticipated it would be another hour before he would be released. Then, I would sign a million forms while a nurse wheeled him to the exit. Nope. These nurses allowed my husband carry him out of that building 15 minutes later. Let’s just say it wasn’t just the anesthesia. My poor little guy has been in pain and he doesn’t handle it well. I have the bruises to prove it.

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