Prayers for Colorado

There are no words to describe the sadness we all feel over the tragedy in Colorado. I imagine the 12-year-old’s excitement during the opening sequence of the movie. The 8-year-old, with popcorn in his lap and a Twizzler in hand, staring in amazement as Batman appears on the screen. The father, who grew up a big superhero fan, delighted to have this memory with his child. Then, a true villain breaks in and instantly destroys their lives. Like you I watched the news in horror. As a parent I am torn over whether or not to tell my children. Do you share what happened as a warning? After all, with the world we live in, no one can say it can’t happen again. Or in an attempt to protect their innocence do you shield them from the television coverage. A child shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to a movie theater.

My 5-year-old son often races around the backyard in a batman costume. A small mask covers everything, but his smile. His cape drags along the grass. On occasion a gust of wind whips it into the air. He pretends to rescue people and take down the bad guys. He could never understand why a superhero couldn’t save the people in that theater. Quite frankly, I am also finding it difficult to comprehend. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

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