I was pressured to potty train each of my three children.   “You better get that baby out of diapers.”  I wasn’t being lazy.   I didn’t enjoy cleaning feces off my child’s arse.  They weren’t ready.  Still, I caved to the constant criticism.  My son cried like Nancy Kerrigan as he sat on the potty chair.  Whhhhhyy?   I bought a seat with cartoon characters hoping to make the experience fun.  More tears.  I purchased a seat that played music when he tinkled.  More tears.  I became a potty chair collector.   However, unlike Precious Moments figurines,  I couldn’t display them in a curio cabinet.  (I never quite understood the fascination with that collection.   Isn’t there a better way to mark life’s milestones than with droopy face ceramic figures?)   Anyway, after a week of torturing my child on a toilet I threw up my hands.  Go figure, he eventually learned and won’t wear Pampers to college.  Now, a newly released study finds potty training too early can be harmful.  Doctors say a child’s bladder continues growing to its standard size until age 3.  So, to all those people who made me feel like a horrible mother Eat S***! 😉


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  • Sandy

    My pediatrician assured me ” no one ever went to Kindergarten in diapers and early trainers are just people pleasers. Intelligent children figure out when the time is right to train”. I don’t know if he was right but I recited that line whenever someone said,” Oh he’s not trained yet.”

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