A Mother’s Guilt

Today I am going from being the “meanest mom I ever saw” to the “cruelest mom in the world.” (I wonder if there is a coffee mug for that?) I scheduled my 5-year-old son’s surgery over summer break. He actually just went in to the operating room. He is having what is considered a “routine” procedure to remove tonsils, adenoids and insert tubes in his ears. That doesn’t make it any easier, but it has to be done. There isn’t a nasal strip in the world that can stop his snoring. By morning his breath smells like a porta potty at a Neil Diamond concert. Still, there isn’t a worse feeling in the world than seeing your child suffer. The look of fear in his eyes, as they wheeled him away, was heartbreaking. Poor guy. I may have a brand new Lego set waiting for him in the car. It’s just as much for him as it is for me.

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  • The Guy Side

    I hope he is better now. You are right, there is no worse feeling than seeing our own child suffer. Last fall I watched my almost 4 year old was playfully swinging while I pushed and then walked away to look at my raspberries. It was in a brief moment when our 4 month old lab leapt up and knocked him down. His playful laugh quickly changed to a horrible scream. While pulling the puppy back, I watched him rise with blood running down his face from his eye. I still don’t remember how we got to urgent care but we did. Luckily, his eye was fine but a nice nail cut his eyelid. The worst pain for me was watching him squirm while the doctor, 2 nurses, my wife, and myself had to hold him as he received 4 stitches. I have yet to get 1 stitch in my life but my 3 second back turn resulted in stitches my heart will never lose.

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