Vintage Bracelet

Are you kidding me? Kids these days can’t even make their own jewelry? I remember spending hours weaving these things. I actually had a hobby as a kid. Yeah, I may have been the awkward girl who never got asked to dance. So what! The boy who ignored me is fat, bald and working at a mall kiosk. The popular girls look like Carnie Wilson before the 1st and 2nd gastric bypass surgery. As a child I played with toys and enjoyed being outside. Nowadays I have to pry my son’s hands off his Ipod. If I need to punish him I confiscate the electronics. You would think I was cutting off his right hand. Am I just out of touch with the youth of this generation? My son jokes that I had to churn my own butter and use a horse a buggy. Well, I didn’t have to. Anyway, had I known bracelets made from string would be worth $2 – $4 a piece I would have put them in a safe. Now, do you want to feel really old? I overheard a teenager at the store talking about how these were “vintage.” Perhaps I should give up this blogging thing and start my own bracelet making business. Who am I kidding? I would rather write about nonsense. You lucky bastards.



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