Waldo is 25!

Ready to feel really old? Where’s Waldo is 25. It is his birthday. I think there is a party, that is, if anyone can find him. (Thank you, I’m here all night)

My kids love Where’s Waldo books and such except when they can’t find Waldo. There is nothing worse than a frustrated child. What’s even worse than that? A frustrated, sick child in a room where a Where’s Waldo picture is hung at the eye level of an adult. This is at our doctor’s office:


At out last appointment I had to lift my children in order for them to search. At this point, we had been waiting in a small room for 45 minutes. “Are we done yet?” was echoing in my head. (What I would like to say: Yes we are done without seeing a doctor. We came all the way here to bond in a room with a Bug’s Bunny poster. Now, let’s go home!) My arms began to shake from the weight of my 5-year-old. Sweat was puddling on my brow. I started frantically searching for Waldo. “There he is!” I screamed, but my son did not celebrate. Oh, no, no, no. He cried because he wasn’t the one who found him. Then, my daughter wanted a turn. Happy F****** Birthday Waldo!

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