Weird Science

Chalk this up as another wasted Sunday. We spent most of the morning making a plant cell. Now, we are waiting for the paint to dry. I love when teachers assign projects over the weekend. (Said no parent ever) Does making cytoplasm out of jelly help children better understand science? I vaguely recall making a similar model, but couldn’t tell you the function of endoplasmic reticulum. For goodness sake, I have to remember field trips, birthdays, appointments, etc. There is no room in my brain for this information. I had to Google the spelling. There is a 1 percent chance you will ever have a use for this. I can’t tell my son that. He will figure it out when he has children and bitches about the same project.


I have to buy supplies and clean up the mess. Maybe I shouldn’t complain. My son was forced to speak to me because of this assignment. A Tweens vocabulary consists of two words: Yes and No. It is like pulling teeth trying to get him to have a conversation with me. Yet, he doesn’t shut up around his friends. I would just rather talk about him than ribosome. (Yeah, I have no damn clue what that is either.)

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