Whoa, Slow Down

I heart Disney Junior. My daughter loves just about every show on this channel. I would question, however, their recent decision to update classic Disney songs and record pop music videos. Mary Poppins would never release a remix of “Let’s Go Fly a Kite.”

My 5-year-old son was less than impressed with this episode of “Little Einsteins.” He froze when Leo used the word retardo, Mom! He said a bad word!

I tried to explain that vulgarity wouldn’t be tolerated on the rocket ship. Then again, these cartoon characters are never supervised. My son whispered in my ear, (because it’s not wrong to softly say a nasty word? I will remember that the next time I have a disagreement with a certain relative.) “He called the lion a retard.” I assured him it meant to slow down the music. I logged online and googled retardo to give him the exact definition. This is not what I had in mind:


1. retardo. A person that is Mexican and also Retarded.

“That man at tacobell forgot the cheese. What a retardo.”

There are no words. Thank goodness my son is learning to read and could only make out: “A is and.” & “That the a.” Let’s try our luck again:


retardo according to the free Latin English Dictionary (AZAD). to impede, slow down, obstruct.

Much better.

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