What a woser.

My 5-year-old is wise beyond his years. He proved it today at a convenience store. I promised him we would get a pack of gum after school. He is suddenly obsessed with learning to blow bubbles. He basically just spits everywhere. We were greeted by a clerk with purple hair and lug nuts in her ears. As we turned the corner to the candy aisle there stood a grown man wearing a Beavis & Butthead t-shirt. (I love the mini-mart crowd.) My son recognized the characters on his shirt because my husband is trying to relive his youth via Netflix. I suppose it is better than buying Rogain, gold chains and a Corvette. Let’s also say that my husband, who is brilliant, tends to lack common sense. It’s not exactly an appropriate show for a child to watch. “But they loved it, laughed hysterically,” he said. I discovered the children were watching while I was at work. How did I find out? I overheard my son talking at preschool, “and then Butthead goes in the bathroom…..” I put a stop to that, but not without a lot of kicking and screaming. Anyway, I figured this gentleman (who I have a hunch still lives with his mother and only finds “love” on Craigslist) was going to fuel the tantrums. Nope. After the fashion challenged fella left my son turned to me and said, “Why was that guy wearing a Beavis & Butthead shirt?” He giggled. “What a woser.” (which will be a great put down once we get that L sound down) “Yes,” I said. “He is a woser.”

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