Happy Mother’s Day

These are my favorite gifts! I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy a trip to the spa or a necklace from Tiffany & Co. The bouquet of flowers my husband bought at midnight at Walmart (when he remembered today was Mother’s Day) are just as valuable. So what that I almost died delivering our daughter. I was past the due date and in the hospital to get induced. I chuckled when signing a form that recused the doctor of any legal responsibility if I died. This isn’t 1922. Little did I know that an hour later I would suffer a Placenta Abruption. It happened suddenly. I felt a gush of fluid pour out of my body. My husband lifted up the sheet covered in blood. “Oh my God. Get the nurse,” I said. My husband was frantically circling the room. “What are you doing?” He was looking for the call button. “That is for popsicles! Run and get the damn nurse,” I yelled. My experience turned into an episode of Grey’s Anatomy minus the steamy sex and attractive medical staff. I was calm as a cucumber. No, not really. I may have been screaming “Am I going to die?” until a nurse administered Demerol. Long story short I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Anyway, my 5-year-old drew this portrait of me. Spot on. Pure joy.

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