What you always wanted

I hope my friends have lamps because y’all are getting lightbulbs for Christmas. My acquaintances will get bottles of Suave shampoo. Why? My cabinet is stock full. I got them for free with coupons. I am into extreme couponing. You laugh, but I saved $28 yesterday bitches. Eat your heart out Mitt. My binder is full of ways to save money.


I think I may be a few Sunday newspaper inserts away from being a guest on TLC. I have started collecting shit I don’t need because it only costs a quarter. There is a weird rush you get after scoring a good deal. Four packs of razors for less than a dollar? Hell yeah! Say goodbye to those hairy toes. With age comes hair where you never expected it.

I never clipped coupons when I worked outside of the home. I will admit it makes up for some of the money we lost with my paycheck. Plus, it beats turning tricks at the local truck stop.

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