Where are you Fresh Beats?

My daughter turns 3 next week. We are celebrating her birthday tonight with my family. For days she has been bragging to anyone who will listen, “Guess what?” All of my kids played this game. “Do you know who is coming to my party?” Actually I do know because invited them. “The Fresh Beat Band,” she said, bursting with excitement. They did not get an invitation. Has she been watching MTV’s Sweet 16? You know, the show where spoiled brats have parties that cost more than most weddings, but they still complain.

Mommy isn’t P. Diddy. I don’t have those kind of connections. Now, from my years as a TV News Reporter I could arrange to have a doctor, politician or a representative from The Red Cross at the party. What 3-year-old doesn’t want to do CPR before opening presents? She is going to be extremely disappointed when all she has is The Fresh Beat Band playing on an IPod and a lopsided cake.

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