An Adult Film (Not That Kind)

As we speak Ben Affleck is frantically searching the Internet for my review of his new movie, Argo. Settle down Ben. I am a big fan of your work in Good Will Hunting. I have blocked out important milestone’s in my children’s lives, but I can’t recite lines to that film. I will be the senile lady in the nursing home reenacting movies, yet I won’t remember how to brush my teeth.

I will admit I was skeptical that Ben Affleck could do anything other than speak with a Boston accent. Come to find out he directed this movie and it is amazing. (Full disclosure: I was also just giddy to be out of the house.) I had an excuse to go to the theater. I promised my son I would take him and his good friend to see Paranormal Activity. Don’t judge. It isn’t like I dropped him off to watch Porky’s. Remember being 13? They love scary movies. Now, I am afraid of my own shadow. (Love handles look so much more pronounced on a sidewalk.) Besides, I was in the theater directly next door.

What I am about to say will shock those of you who paid money to see Gigli. Argo is an amazing movie. What’s even better? It is NOT rated G! It has everything: suspense and humor. Ben Affleck deserves an Academy Award for directing. I did not get paid to write this review. In fact, I may have to sell my body to make up for what I spent on tickets. When did prices go up? Where the hell have I been? Oh yeah, i was having babies and watching cartoons.