If you become a parent be prepared to answer one question hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Why? Most of the time you will have an answer. You will make one up for the other questions. Today I am the one asking, “Why?” My friend’s 16-month-old daughter passed away this morning. Her name was Grace. She was born with a condition called CDH or Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. She defied the odds and celebrated her first birthday. It was truly amazing. Then, she suffered a setback which required another surgery. Her little body couldn’t take anymore.

Grace’s parents worked tirelessly to give her the best care. Day after day, while I complained about silly things, they juggled countless doctor’s appointments, jobs and caring for another child. They made it look easy. It wasn’t, but they had their daughter.

Grace had a beautiful smile, eyes that sparkled and despite having suffered so much, she was always content. So, why? Why would God give us this precious miracle and take her away? This time there is no answer. Nor are there words to ease my friend’s pain. I do know there are people who live a long life, but leave this world without leaving a mark. Grace left her mark. She inspired so many people in her short life. She taught us to have faith and never give up. It doesn’t make losing her any easier. My 3-year-old asked me tonight, “Are you done crying, Mommy?” No, not even close. Why? Because my heart is broken.

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