WW – eeeek!

It was a good run.  I have successfully kept my children away from most TV shows, toys, etc. that annoy me.   Caillou has weaseled his way into my home from time to time.  If you thought it was impossible to hate an animated child you haven’t watched this cartoon.  His picture is next to the word evil in the dictionary.  Dictionaries were books when I was a kid.  We didn’t have Google.  We had encyclopedias.  Actually, we had an incomplete collection of encyclopedias in my house.  My parents purchased books as part of a grocery store promotion.  Unfortunately, it ended after they bough volume N-O.  If you needed to information about Ronald Reagan or the history of the xylophone you were screwed.

My 8-year-old is suddenly obsessed with professional wrestling.  (Yet another thing I couldn’t research as a child.)   I use the word professional lightly.  One of the most popular wrestlers appeared on a MTV reality show.  I remember “The Miz” when he was just Mike Mizanin.   He was a cast member on “The Real World.” He often said idiotic things, lifted weights and drank a lot.   Come to think of it, in America that means your destined for stardom. I actually sent in an audition tape to be a cast member on the Real World.  File that under What the hell was I thinking – along with the haircut I got in the third grade and the tears shed for a boy in high school who ended up going to prison.

I’m not the mother who thinks the WWE is satanic. Nor do I think it’s going to make him a criminal.   My son knows not to mimic the coordinated wrestling moves.  It’s as fake as every body part on a Kardashian.  I’m not fond of the fact that the wrestlers allegedly use steroids. I give my kids the ‘Drugs will kill you’ speech on a regular basis.   My parents scared the hell out of me and it worked.

I just don’t like to watch it.  I don’t like to see men who are in bedazzled underwear act like fools.  I suppose this is payback for blasting Ace of Base on repeat in my room when I was a kid. 

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