You’re Annoying!

I am learning that there is a big difference in raising boys and girls.   My boys could entertain themselves.  I’m not saying I locked them in a room while I watched Soap Operas.   We read books, played with toys, puzzles, sold magazines door to door, etc.  (I’m obviously kidding about the puzzles.)  However, when I had to put laundry away or do other mundane chores they could play alone, but not my daughter.  In her mind, I was put on this earth to be her playmate.  I have to play with her every minute of every day.  When she is asleep I should be thinking about what we will play next.   I know, “Cherish this time because it goes fast.”   Some days seem very, very, long, though.  

It’s also a challenge to get her dressed in the morning.  My boys didn’t care if they were wearing a potato sack.  This morning, she wouldn’t wear the shirt I chose because it “didn’t match.”  This is the same girl who will put on a Cinderella tiara with Little Mermaid shoes. Okay?   I may not have won best dressed in high school, but I’ve got it going on now. What?  The mom jeans, leg warmers and  Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt I wore today wasn’t a good choice?

My daughter also has more attitude than the boys.   Of course any child is going to be unhappy when they don’t get there way.   During lunch she told me, “you’re annoying me.” Why? I was breathing.  She is just turning 3.

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