A 90’s child

This list had me laughing out loud. (For those of you in your 20’s it made me “LOL.”) My 13-year-old couldn’t understand why I thought this was funny. How could he? His generation will never fully understand the significance of Felicity. This list comes to us courtesy of BuzzFeed (Those folks are genius!) Here are a few of my favorites:

The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late ’90s

Do you remember when you brought your Discman in the car and rested it on the dashboard? Mine was connected with velcro. The disc would skip every time you hit a bump.


Need to meet up with friends? Send a page or (and I know this sounds crazy) have a conversation. My friend’s daughter was texting for 30 minutes last week. She suggested her daughter just call and talk to her friend. “Nobody does that anymore.”


My son goes insane when it takes more than a few seconds to load a website. He would have lost his mind waiting for dial up.


In the 90’s you declared your love with a mixed tape. If you broke up just place scotch tape over the tabs and record new songs off the radio.


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