Adventure Time!

I dragged my kids to a few stores today. As you can imagine they were less than pleased. It’s not my fault. They are the ones who always want to eat. (Kids these days are so demanding.) When we walked into the house a song was playing on Cartoon Network. This is completely unrelated, but have you seen the show “Adventure Time” on this station? I want to know what the hell the writers are smoking. Here are just a few of the characters: a dog made of rubber, a kid missing a nose, angry candy and a king willing to break the law for love.





I would much rather watch a bossy rabbit who has no business babysitting her brother. For goodness sake, lighten up Ruby and let Max play. You are a just a child, too. Your parents are destined to be featured on Nancy Grace. I even prefer watching a giant red pickle who clearly has a STD and an anorexic DJ “Dancey Dance” with random celebrities. Unfortunately, my boys love “Adventure Time.”

Cartoon Network does have some other cool shows and a few block rockin beats.

That song is fantastic. I may download and crank this tune in the swagger wagon the next time they complain.

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