Bad coach

Update: Rice has been fired. Good.

Have you seen this video of Rutgers men’s basketball coach, Mike Rice, abusing players? Rice is seen yelling homophobic slurs, shoving and kicking players. It doesn’t stop there. He must have deep rooted issues from his elementary school days. As if playing a heated game of dodge ball, he throws basketballs at their legs, heads and bodies from point-blank range. I hated dodge ball. I also dreaded rope climbing. I never made it to the top. Call me crazy, I didn’t trust that the paper thin mat on the ground would break my fall. Overall, gym class was my least favorite subject. It could have been because my gym teacher’s testicles were always hanging out. He wore gym shorts that made daisy dukes look like long johns. When he sat in a chair his berries stepped out for some fresh air. He obviously shopped at the same underwear shop as John Hamm. We giggled. He was clueless. (I think.)

Here’s the story about Rice from ESPN:

I don’t care how old the players are. If Rice did that to my kid I would march on court and ream him out. Then again, I am not exactly one to keep my mouth shut. I once got into an argument with a soccer coach because he didn’t play my son enough. Every time he substituted a player my son was taken out. There weren’t try-outs because it was a summer soccer league. We didn’t pay to have our kid sit on the bench. Plus, I wasn’t going to let this guy ruin my son’s self esteem. Needless to say, he played more and even scored a goal. (2 snaps in z formation) Coach Rice needs to find a new job.

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