Black Thursday

The Black Friday insanity is about to begin even earlier.  Walmart announced it is moving Black Friday sales to 8 p.m. Thursday.  Get ready to see even more folks with no business wearing spandex lined up outside your local store.   I actually did the Black Friday thing for the first time last year. I saw grown men rummaging through piles of shirts like savages.  There was a woman about to “cut a bitch” for a cheap crock pot.  I found a few good deals, but nothing worth waiting in line when the temperature is below freezing. Is it worth losing a finger for a discounted towel?

I’ve been told it is really about the adventure.  My two girlfriends plan their trip every year.   They don’t f*** around and have a well thought out strategy.  The shopping extravaganza ends with breakfast at a diner around 5 in the morning. I was such a wuss and  had to take a nap in the car.  I don’t think I will get an invite this year.


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