Blackout Bowl

I am not a prude, but watching the Superbowl halftime show with a 13-year-old was awkward. Can Beyonce do any other dance move besides the pelvic thrust?


She proved she can sing, but does that girl own a pair of pants? I could give her directions to the Gap. My 5-year-old questioned, “Why is that girl naked?” Clearly, he has never seen me before a wild night of Bingo. I wear the same thing. I did have thigh envy. I can barely bend down to pick up laundry. She is strong enough to jump from a squat to a standing position while moving her hips in a circular motion. Again, awkward. Personally, I don’t think her performance comes close to Superbowl XXXVIII. Aside from Janet Jackson’s little wardrobe malfunction it was awesome.

As for the best commercials, in my opinion, Doritos wins the award hands down.

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