Blue light special

I laughed out loud when I saw this commercial. I have good memories in Kmart. When I was a kid my family hopped into our light blue Caprice Classic and headed to Kmart to buy school clothes. Honey, there was a stampede when that blue light went off. It was usually a fun outing that included lunch at a restaurant. (Oh, you fancy, huh?) My kids call that Tuesday.

My brother, sister and I each got 5 outfits. Wednesday was Michael Jackson glitter glove t-shirt day. Jealous?

My kids don’t appreciate shopping trips because they have more clothes than me. I have to buy my 13-year-old son’s attire at a store where I am greeted by a sea of cologne and unhelpful clerks. They give me the “Like, you are too old to be in here” look.

It’s funny, when I was younger I was jealous of friends who could afford clothes from the mall. Kmart is looking pretty good to me now.

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