Yes, I will vote tomorrow. I didn’t even realize there was an election until I got 99 reminder calls today. I am especially grateful to the candidate whose automated message woke my daughter. I know you sleep in a sound proof room in your mansion, but our walls are poorly insulated. I’m trying to put my baby to sleep at 8:30 p.m. I would like some time to myself to do what all good Americans do on election eve: watch mindless reality TV.

Regardless of who wins, I will celebrate the fact that I don’t have to watch another political ad for quite some time. I think the worst commercial I’ve seen was in a congressional race. A child does the voice-over and accuses the opposing candidate of giving tricks instead of treats. Clever. I have seen how low some people will go to win a race. I was a TV news reporter for many years and my husband ran for political office. It is a dirty sport. The amount of money wasted to campaign is sickening. However, I found a city council member in my town who is running on a budget. This “leaflet” was left at my door. Did he wad it in a ball and throw it at my house from the curb? By his font selection I am assuming he typed on a Commodore 64 and tore the perforated edges of the paper after printing. (Remember what a pain in the ass that was?)

I appreciate the do it yourself approach, but perhaps he could have spent a little more time on this one.


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