I may need to wax more often. First, my 3-year-old daughter asked, “Are you growing a beard Mommy?” A few prickly hairs does not a beard make. Damn perimenopause.

Now, I am being compared to a transgender Navy Seal. If you haven’t heard the story Kristin Beck was once a member of the elite SEAL Team 6. She deployed 13 times as Chris Beck. He retired and she wrote a book about being transgender. Do you follow?

Personally, I could care less if he/she wants to wear a jock strap or a dress. Either way he and she is pretty bad ass. Plus, it’s none of my damn business. You live your life. I will live mine. You won’t catch me picketing outside her house. Personally, I don’t understand the purpose of protests. Do you really think marching in a small circle, chanting rhymes while carrying a poorly made sign is going to influence anyone? I think demanding world peace calls for more than a crayon. Maybe a permanent marker? Some stickers?

Kristin still looks manly which is what makes this comment so painful. Someone actually said Kristin looks like me, “I had to do a double take when I saw the story on the news.” Here I thought I was doing a good job hiding my Adam’s apple. I guess I need to wear those mock turtlenecks year round or sport a Dickey when the temperature soars. Wait, do you think this person thought the photo on the far left looked like me?


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