Dog on a Vine

I need to get off the Davenport and get with the times. I just discovered Vine. Apparently, it’s the latest craze. Initially I thought Six seconds? What on earth could you possibly record in 6 seconds or less that would be worth watching? (Yes, I always think in italics) There are plenty of videos on Vine of teenagers acting like jackasses. I can’t wait to see political campaign ads in 20 years using past social media posts. It may seem like a good idea now to Instagram spring break pictures. I am just thankful we didn’t have smart phones at Daytona Beach 1992. Anyway, this Vine video made me LOL. It is 2 good + 2 be = 4-gotten. What makes old? Is it that I vacationed in Daytona Beach in ’92 or using a math problem written on yearbooks in ’93? I bet my buddy Phil would say, “Both!”

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