I think my husband has lost his mind. This is an actual conversation we had yesterday via text message.


Save money? What could it be?


For the kids? What kid do you know that has fun with chickens? This must be a joke. I was hesitant to get a dog. I am not raising farm animals.


We occasionally eat eggs on the weekend.


We don’t live in a big city, but we do live in a city. There are codes. Our neighborhood won’t even allow above ground pools. There is no way a chicken coup is going to fly. We are rebels and purchased a plastic white trash pool, but I can’t hide animals. My kids were so excited when I brought the $25.99 pool home. The picture on the box shows a mother in a bikini relaxing in the water. “Look Mommy. You can get in, too,” said my 3-year-old. Can you even imagine me donning a two piece in an inflatable pool? The water would barely cover the stretch marks on my belly. Unless you have a nanny it’s impossible to relax by a pool, even if it requires a bike pump to install.


The bottom line is I am not the raise chickens and eat fresh eggs kind of lady. My answer is still no.

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  • jeanne

    I knew I had to find this blog when I heard you on the radio! (Good for you for blasting the coach, by the way. HE has poor sportsmanship). But this entry about the chickens has me laughing so hard that the tears are rolling down my face!

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