Free IPhone 5

My 13-year-old’s phone is nicer than mine. No, I don’t use pay phones. I have an iPhone, but it does not have Siri. It is a miracle I can function in society without her. Nowadays finding a pay phone is almost impossible. Seeing someone using one is downright shocking. I figure that guy is either a.)really down on his luck or b.)demanding money from Mel Gibson after kidnapping his son. My kids think the voice on my Verizon Navigator is also Siri. “Maybe she got another job,” said my 6-year-old.

I’m eligible for an upgrade, but am too cheap to spend a few hundred bucks when my phone still works. Then, I read about a promotion at Best Buy where you could get a free IPhone 5. Free? I love free. You have to trade in an IPhone 4 or 4s to qualify for this promotion. There are a few other rules and small fees. Your phone must work and can’t be cracked. I am disqualified. My daughter dropped my phone on the cement months ago. There is a crack in the upper right hand corner. However, you may be eligible. Check it out!

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