Bag lady

I am a bad ass, a rebel. I snuck candy, popcorn and drinks into the movie theater tonight. Booyah! Okay, so I am just cheap. We took the entire family to the movies. It cost nearly 50 bucks for tickets alone. When I was a kid it cost between $3 – $5 to catch a flick. I also walked barefoot, up a hill and in the snow to the schoolhouse. Well, maybe not, but I feel that old. My husband took my 13-year-old to watch World War Z. I took our 3 and 6-year-old’s to see Monsters University. I hate scary movies. Actually, I hate anything scary and that includes Nancy Grace. I cannot watch America’s Most Wanted. Even the music on the commercials for Law & Order freaks me out.

I looked like I was boarding an airplane for a week long vacation. My purse was bursting at the seams. The aroma of buttered popcorn was seeping out the top. I managed to squeeze three brown bags of popcorn, a bag of pretzels, three rice crispy treats, Twizzlers, two juice bottles and two cans of soda in my pocket book. Suck it Space Bags ® ! You ain’t got nothing on my packing skillz.

I knew I had this when I saw the kid collecting tickets.


He was friendly and too young to give a s*** if I bypassed the concession stand.
My family was embarrassed, but nobody complained when I busted out the goods.


Of course, there was that Mom who tried to bring a baby and her young daughter to the movie. You could have the happiest baby ever and he/she will cry and scream the minute the lights go out. I felt bad and wanted to smack her at the same time. She probably dropped $30 on snacks and had to leave early. Rookie mistake.

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