Halloween Party

We spent the day at a Halloween event in our community. My kids had a blast. There was a bounce house, an obstacle course, zip line, food, etc.


A few kids dressed up, but mine did not. My 12-year-old is too cool and my 5-year-old follows his lead. Of course there was the 40-something adult decked out in a horrifying zombie costume. I’m guessing he lives in his mom’s basement. I never really liked Halloween until I had kids. I always felt like an asshole in costume. Some women use the holiday as an excuse to dress like a whore. When was the last time you saw a female police officer in daisy dukes? You won’t see these thighs in one of those skimpy numbers.

There was also a Call of Duty video game contest. One guy drove from Canada to play. My son called him a “serious gamer.” Translation: single guy. There isn’t a wife in the world who would approve that road trip. I overheard a few 30-somethings, “Dude, I pulled out my AR.” Give those guys a few years and they will be dressing up like zombies too.


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