Hammer Time

You have heard me complain about the song “Gangnam Style.” It drives me nuts. What does “Korea nanna no” mean anyway?” I also get a headache shopping at Hollister. The music is deafening and one could choke on the amount of cologne worn by the clerks. I shop there for my son. You lose the right to wear Abercrombie, Hollister, etc. when you are over 30. I definitely don’t want to see the word PINK across your 50-year-old ass. I don’t care if you work out or have an extensive plastic surgery bill. Act yo’ age!

I must say this cat, Psy, can dance. He performed at the end of the American Music Awards last night. Of course, I fell asleep before the finale. My son got a text this morning with this YouTube link. He asked, “What’s Hammer Time?” I attempted to demonstrate how rapper MC Hammer danced, shuffling from side to side. “That looks ridiculous,” he chuckled. Oh, and dancing like a horse is far more sophisticated? Regardless of my opinion about this latest dance craze there is no denying this performance with MC Hammer was awesome.

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