It seemed like such a good idea at the store to buy a coloring book with stickers. Then, I brought it home. My daughter, who is 3 going on 18, wants to do everything by herself. “I do it,” she yells. First of all, that ain’t proper English.

The problem is she is a toddler and cannot do everything by herself. Honestly, I don’t want her to. She is my baby and I need her to need me.

Besides, peeling stickers is much more difficult than it looks. She tried for a good 15 minutes to remove one from the paper, but got pissed each time it ripped. Then, she threw the book across the kitchen table. My children have so much patience. I have no idea where they get such a short fuse.

I have become the official sticker peeler. I am not, however, allowed to place stickers on paper. “I do it.” She stacks them on top of one another. Well, when she isn’t putting them on the wall, books or toys. “Doesn’t it look pretty Mommy?” It actually looks like a sloppy mess, but her smile is beautiful.

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