I wish I may, I wish I might..,,

I love how the mind of a 5-year-old works. Tonight my son demanded I explain step by step the proper way to wish on a star. I didn’t know there was a right and wrong way either. Apparently, some snotty kid at school told him his wishes weren’t coming true because he wasn’t following the “wish making rules.” Clearly that kid broke the rules too because he is still living in a trailer park. (Oh, no she didn’t!)

I thought about telling my son wishing on a star won’t guarantee anything. I couldn’t burst his bubble. I only tear down people I don’t know. Besides, I am guilty of wishing on stars every now and then. Well, a few were airplanes, but I’m still hopeful I will have Ryan Gosling’s baby.

My son listened to my every word with bated breath. I told him he had to find a star, close his eyes tight and jump around like a monkey. After watching him go airborne a few times I admitted that part was a joke. “Mom, this is serious,” he warned me. My father once told us we had to say “Schuz-butt” every time we hit a card in the game Slapjack. My sister and I would argue while my Dad laughed in hysterics, “I said Schuz-butt first! No, I said Schuz-butt before you!” If you can’t use your kids for your own entertainment what good are they?

I told my son to put his hands together and say, “I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish come true tonight.” Then, he made his wish. Was it for peace on Earth? Did he want to end world hunger? Nope. “I wish,” he paused. “I could be the real Spiderman.” This is going to end in tears.

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