Hey girl, heeeey!

A friend of mine texted today, “Are you okay? You haven’t been blogging.” Honestly, I am exhausted. I realize my laziness left all three of my fans without mindless nonsense to read. I’m sorry to disappoint. As I mentioned with my less than subtle YouTube post, I was in a wedding this weekend.


I didn’t have permission from the groomsmen to post his picture. So, I had to improvise. I think I look good with Bobblehead Ryan. Hey girl, I will walk you down the aisle.

After two late nights consuming alcohol I felt like I had been hit my a train. If you can’t tell by the crows feet on my face I am not in my twenties anymore. I wasn’t drunk. Then again, I am not sure I would have chosen to air guitar on the dance floor if I were sober. Another wedding guest teased my husband, “And that is why your Congressional run was unsuccessful.” He may be right. Tough. This is me.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with my dearest friends. Our crew has been together for almost ten years. We may no longer live in the same city or get to see one another as often as we’d like. Still, when we reunite it is like we spoke yesterday. My 12-year-old is at the age where he thinks he and his friends will grow old together. I thought the same thing in 7th grade. God has a way of helping us weed out people who suck. Then, Mark Zuckerberg forces them back into your life. I am blessed to have these women as friends.

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