Hey girl

I had a date tonight.


No, you don’t need to adjust your screen. It is true, Ryan and I spent the evening together. Unfortunately, his friends Sean & Josh kept getting in the way. I’m kidding. I am not a psycho stalker, but I did catch the latest Ryan Gosling movie with my dear friend. You heard that right sister, I actually got to see an adult film in a movie theater. Well, not that kind of film, but rather, a movie without cartoon characters. In my opinion, Gangster Squad didn’t have enough nudity. How are you going to hire Ryan Gosling to star in a film and not once have him take his shirt off. I don’t care if he is eating toast or shooting people we need to see his abs. Gangster Squad didn’t get great reviews. It was a tad violent (I had to cover my eyes in the opening scene) and predictable, but does it matter when you get to look at this for 113 minutes: (Emma Stone is one lucky bitch.)


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