Hold the drink

You may want to think twice about getting that fountain pop. New research finds the ice used at fast food restaurants may be dirtier than toilet water. The “scientist” was a middle school student in Florida. Yeah, it took a 12-year-old girl to figure that out. Jasmine Roberts collected ice from five restaurants in Florida. She also took samples of toilet water from the same restaurants. My kids could never complete this project. I scream “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” a dozen times when we step foot in a public rest room. They walk in and out like surgeons, with their hands raised in the air.

Jasmine took the samples to the University of Florida. In several cases the ice tested positive for E. Coli Bacteria. You know, that fun little bacteria that comes from human waste and makes you sick. It is likely because workers scoop ice with unwashed hands. Plus, the machines are rarely cleaned. No way! I am shocked that the fry cook making minimum wage, with quarter sized holes in both ears, talking about how wasted he got the night before, doesn’t take pride in his job. Experts say people shouldn’t panic because not everyone is going to get sick. They think this project will encourage restaurants to enforce their sanitary policies. The “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign on the bathroom door is obviously not working. I will be the Mom carrying a cooler with me everywhere we go.


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