Hooked on phonics

My 6-year-old son is becoming quite the reader. His kindergarten teacher is a miracle worker. Until recently, he would cry every time I made him sit down with a book. He would rather play with toys. I just figured he would grow up to be an olympic swimmer. Jeah! Now, he is the one begging to read every night before bed. We have finished three books in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. Is it sad that I think Jeff Kinney is a literary genius? I don’t have much to compare his work to. His are the only books I have finished in the past five years. I don’t have time to read novels like “The Great Gatsby.” The protagonist, Jay Gatsby, can’t be that much different than Greg Heffley, right?


I will use my library card when my kids go to college.

The only problem with having a kid who knows how to read is he can spell. So, the days of spelling words to your spouse so the b-a-b-y doesn’t know what the h-e-l-l you are saying are
o-v-e-r. D-a-m-n it!

Every week my son’s class has a week long assignment to learn new letter sounds, words, etc. There are games and flashcards to review. For example:


The word corresponding with this particular flashcard is nap.

Clearly, the publishing company hired an artist who got his degree from Art Instruction Schools for successfully sketching Tippy the Turtle and a pirate.


What comes to mind with this next flash card?


Grandma’s vagina? No, it can’t be. Can it? Don’t be silly. It is lap. The artist was trying to convey the word lap. Obviously.

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