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I don’t think I have been on time for an appointment in 13 years. That is why I take my children to a chain hair salon. Well, that and I am cheap. You have to be careful though. These joints hire the girl who burned the hairs off the mannequin in cosmetology school. My kids get their hair did about every three and a half weeks. Basically, when they start to look like Justin Beiber (back when he owned a belt) it’s time for a cut. The chain salon I frequent won’t take appointments. However, you can call ahead and put your name on a list. It’s basically like getting a Fast Pass at Walt Disney World. You get to budge ahead of the people who showed up unannounced like cousin Eddie Johnson. I called at 11:30 and said I would be there around noon. When you have three children “around noon” is anywhere between noon and 3 p.m. Our arrival depends on whether or not a child has a temper tantrum. Then, they have to focus long enough to put on shoes. Plus, my children always need something the minute we have walk out the door. They may need a drink, a toy or to use the bathroom for the second time.

I have been going to this particular salon for over a year. Even though we called ahead we still have to wait our turn. So, I didn’t think it would be a problem when we were 15 minutes late. After all, it’s not an appointment. I was wrong. When we got there our stylist was M.I.A. Apparently, when we didn’t show up at noon sharp the manager sent her on a break. Are you kidding me? I have to sit with three kids, on a bench built to fit a smurf for nearly a half an hour? I would rather be water boarded while White Snake played on loop. For the next 25 minutes I listened to constant whining, “It’s taking too long.” “Where is she?” “When are we leaving.” “I’m hungry.” If I were alone I would have stormed out of there. It’s impossible to be a dramatic diva with three kids in tow. So, I bitched to myself while we waited. Then, I got to see this guy at the counter and it was all worth it.


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