I want my MTV

Sometimes you learn valuable lessons from a 5-year-old. Then, there are precious moments when he demonstrates how a bowl sticks to his butt underwater. Tonight my 5-year-old outlined the recipe for a good music video. I have no idea where he saw a music video. Has MTV played music since TRL went off the air? Those were the days before Carson Daly looked like Twiggy. He was also engaged to Tara Reid. I bet he misses food more than her. #TRAINWRECK

If you are looking to become the next music video star follow my son’s advice.

Rule #1 –
“In order to be like Justin Beaver you have to have a white tee shirt and smooth hair. Then, someone else plays music and you sing.”

If you like Calvin Klein perfume, you will love Calvin Stein. Remember those knock off sprays? My son is thinking along the same lines. If you enjoy Justin Beiber’s music, you will love Justin Beaver.

Rule #2-
“If you want to be like the gang ham singer you have to have speak Spanish, wear sunglasses and hop like a horse.”

I am pretty sure PSY is not Spanish. I am also quite certain horses gallop.

Rule #3 “If you are a girl you have to paint your toes and do a lot of dance moves.”

Did I give birth to a 1990’s hip hop star?

Funny thing is my son and his cousins made a music video earlier tonight, but didn’t follow any of these rules. They can just forget winning a VMA.

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