Just Because

Everyone has that Facebook “friend” who is always bragging about how perfect her life is.  #Liar     There is Facebook and then there is the truth.  You’re not going to post the argument that ensued after he left his socks on the floor again.  You’re status won’t include complaints about her spending and his daily lunch tab.  The bouquet of flowers he got “just because” are probably because he came home really late without bothering to call.  I can’t remember the last time I got flowers “just because.”   So, I was tickled pink when the fine folks at TheBouqs.com offered to send me a bouquet straight from the farm.  I was happier than a Kardashian in a mirror.  I wish Ryan Gosling had hand delivered them, but I digress.


This is the “Bundle of Joy” bouquet from TheBouqs.com.  It’s as sweet as having a newborn minus the dirty diapers,  overnight crying and leaky breasts.   If the flowers sucked I would tell you.  I cannot be bought.  Well, unless it involved a new Michael Kors handbag.

The flowers arrived in a few days in a box.   There wasn’t a tacky vase or glittery heart on a stick.  It was just a simple bouquet of gorgeous flowers.  They came to New York from California, but you wouldn’t know it.  They smelled sweet and lasted over a week.  All of their bouquets cost 40 bucks and shipping is free.  I am all about supporting your local florist, but this is another option.  You won’t have to worry about sending flowers out of state and having it arrive looking like the centerpiece at a firehall wedding reception.

If you want to order use this link:    THISLINK



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