Late delivery

A St. Louis doctor is getting heat for a Facebook status update. Dr. Amy Dunbar posted this:


The hospital issued an apology calling her comment inappropriate, but some people want her fired. They say the OBGN violated the HIPPA privacy rule. It is not like she said, “Mrs. Smith just gave birth to the ugliest baby girl in the world.” No names were mentioned.
This doctor has the right to vent about the frustrations of her job.

In my opinion, there must be something seriously wrong with this mom to be. Who the hell shows up three hours late to deliver a baby? Honey, don’t let those Pregnancy books crowding store shelves fool you. The last few weeks of pregnancy are hell. You can’t sleep, sit, walk or breathe for that matter. The pressure is so intense it feels like your vagina could fall off.

I got to the hospital early the day my labor was induced. My OBGYN arrived shortly thereafter, but had different priorities. He was more focused on eating lunch. I was in the room screaming like a wild animal and begging for medication. Meanwhile, my doc was in the hallway slurping down chicken noodle soup. The nurse informed me, “Most women go through this part at home.” By the time she realized they were wrong it was too late for an epidural. My son was born in 45 minutes.

So, those women who claim to love every thing about being pregnant are liars. Nobody enjoys frequent heartburn, morning sickness or acne. Yes, carrying a child is a blessing. There is nothing like feeling your baby kick for the first time and the end result is beautiful. However, nine months is way too long.

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