Life goes on

“Why do you keep kissing me?” my 5-year-old giggled before he left for school this morning. I had a pit in my stomach and wanted him to stay home. I couldn’t tell him. He doesn’t know about the children in Connecticut. My son still thinks school is a safe, fun place and that is how it should be. We cannot live in fear. We can grieve for the innocent children and adults murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I think about those babies every time I look at mine. Of course, we can and should continue to pray for their families, but life must go on.

I overheard a woman at the store talking about the tragedy. “I feel guilty celebrating Christmas with what happened to those kids,” she said. (I’m guessing that will be the excuse she gives when you buy her a gift and she comes empty handed.) Her choice of clothing sent a totally different message. She was wearing a colorful, 3D Christmas sweater. The tree covered her chest and was splattered with glitter. I can only assume it was designed by Ke$ha. Ornaments dangled from the branches including two directly in the center of each breast. Instead of asking, “Does this make me look fat?” She should have asked, “Does this make my nipples look too big?” The sweater = not okay. It is okay, however, for us to celebrate Christmas. It is okay for us to take joy in our own children. Before I left the store my daughter busted out Wonder Twins power in the form of a wet noodle. She wanted a “Push Pop” at 10 a.m. (It is a lollipop that comes in a tube similar to lipstick) I caved and bought the candy in pink. Apparently, I grabbed the wrong shade of pink. “No,” she cried. Each time I tried to pick her up to leave she slithered through my hands. I smiled as I carried her kicking and screaming to the car. Yep, life goes on.

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